Its majesty:
A natural and majestic fortress whose plateau's limits are steep and unique cliffs.

Its altitude:
1000-1600m high and fine snowfalls

A wide range of landscapes:
From gentle hilly lands to steepier ones enabling sporty sleigh dogs rides.

Its preserved and away from fashionand crowd peacefulness

Fine snow, healthy dry cold weather, open wilderness ...
- Riding is made easy thanks to the gentle landscape.
- A wide range of landscapes:from frozen lakes to nordic pine wood forests.
- A visit to the Inari Museum to understand better the Finnish culture.
- The Finnish saunas and huts.
- Its famous salmons, the "Lapin Kulta" (to be understood as the local beer considered as "the Lappish gold").
- Its Northern Lights and amazing shades.
- Some reindeers along your way.

We are breeders and farmers born:
25 donkeys and 100 sleigh dogs live in the wilds, in an authentic and magical place.

The 25 donkeys (12 of them ready for your summer rides) were all born on our farm.As for the dogs, they were all born and bred here..

We organize our kennel's visit

We have a 27 year-old experience:
As we are crazy about sleigh dogs, we were the first ones to offer people the opportunity to enjoy sleigh dogs rides and the Finnish Pulka in France. And this dates back to 1982.

Pay a deposit of 30% when booking
The total amount is due on your arrival

For further informations, contact:

Jacques GASPARD et Marie Annick PARAZOLS
Le Souillet
+ 33 (0) 475 482 716