If you are interested send un a mail with the date you wish an 30% of the total price. We will send you as soon a receip, the itinary and the technnic description of "your" trek.

Hoping to meet you this summer ...

For further informations, contact:

Jacques GASPARD et Marie Annick PARAZOLS
Le Souillet
+ 33 (0) 475 482 716

Walk across Vercors with our "native Vercors" donkeys from "Souillet farm"in the heart of the Vercors were bred together.
They are naturally docile,obedient,intelligent and industrious (contrary to what they are said to be).

"le bât" (from the Greek"Bastazein" meaning to bear a burden)is a kind of saddle which is fastened on the donkey's back and on which sacks are hung.
So, please fasten this packsaddle on your donkey with kindness since donkeys are kind animals!...

Each donkey can carry a 40kg weight. So, we advise you to take one donkey for 4 people for a few day ride.

The price includes:
- Your donkey.
- Its packsaddle.
- Its food.
- Its tethers and a mini enclosure for the night.
- Departure from the farm.

We'll see to your itinerary showing you the water spots, the technical difficulties, the accomodation (tent-refuge-gîte).

If you want to depart from another place, we will then be charged extra fees for transportation (1.07 € / km,maximum 5 donkeys /van)


12/25 of our donkeys (all born on our farm)
are ready for your summer rides:
- You'll be able to cross the Vercors from North to South or East to West, to enjoy theme rides...
- You'll be guided by a professional "Accompagnateur de Montagne AMM who knows donkeys and the are very well (the fauna,the flora,the traditions...)
- To reach the Natural Park of "les hauts plateaux du Vercors" and its wonders is only half a day walk from our farm.
- Contact us for further information, activities and prices.