Pay a deposit of 30% when booking
The total amount is due
before your arrival

For further informations, contact:

Jacques GASPARD et Marie Annick PARAZOLS
Le Souillet
+ 33 (0) 475 482 716

Day 1:
Paris / Helsinky / Ivalo flight-Welcome at the airport-Transfer to your gîte in Ukon Jarvilomakyla- night-

Day 2:
Finnish breakfast and first encounter with your dogs.Introduction to the sleigh riding techniques before leaving for the day. Picnic lunch-arrival around 5pm -sauna-dinner-

Day 3 to 7:
Loading of the sleighs and departure first heading North East, then North,crossing forests or the Inari frozen Lake. On our way, we will certainly meet fishermen fishing from holes dug in ice, Lappish people, and if we are lucky, we may glimpse at deers. Nights will be spent either in non watched refuges or booked in advance huts where saunas are available. On day 7, we will be able to share a typical Finnish dinner.

Day 8:
Breakfast and transfer to Ivaho airport-flight to France

Ukonjarvi/Ukonjarvi :consult us
- Prices do not include-meals from day 1 to 7,transport (airport and museum) and museum entry
- Cold clothes renting (we can organise this for you)

- Groups dog sledge : 4 to 6 dog sledges max
-Groups pulka : 10 pulkas max
- You'll ride 5 or 6 dogs on your own
- Accomodation in gîte day 1, 2 and 7, huts and refuges during your ride.
- Level required:anybody who is fit and likes outdoor activities;

The Inari Lake which is located 300km away from the Arctic Circle had long been fought over by Russians and Swedish because of its fishy waters. It is an enchanting place where a gentle firy sun sets,where Northern Lights can be gazed at, where cosy huts are found.


It has now been 6 years since we started our Northern Finnish rides in order to make you share our passion for sleigh dogs and the Arctic. We are located at Ivalo, near the Inari Lake which is 250km long and is frozen from December to late May.

After the first day dedicated to your introduction to the Scandinavian Pulka, we will depart for a 5 day ride on the lake and its 3000 isles. At that time of the year, days are long (15mn of daylight are gained each day)

You will be hosted in typical and cosy huts.Saunas rites included, thirst quenched thanks to the local beer called"Kulta rabbit", salmon meals...

From saturday to next sarturday from March to May .

Ukon Jarvi :

Grand Angle :

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