You'll learn how to harness dogs and ride a Sledge pulled by 4 or 5 affectionate pals. Choose from 1 day trips,week-ends or 3 to 5day trips. The wide range of landscapes (smooth or steep) creates an exceptional atmosphere in a crowd-free area. Riding your sledge, you'll fade into the winter scenery.

Share an adventurous ride with a dog for 1, 3 to 5 days or for a week-end. Cross-country skiers will enjoy this kind of ride. Friendship guanranteed.

If you are good at skiing we choose the best companion for you. Your skiing still needs some perfection? Don't worry, we carefully choose your itinerary according to your level.

To make your ride a success,your group won't exceed 6 people for Sledge rides and 10 people for the Scandinavian Pulka.If your group is composed of more people,we can mix the 2 activities (10 + 6 = 16 people)

The Vercors plateau (1000-1600m high) is one of the most beautiful French spot. A wide range of landscapes (smooth or steep) and a still preserved,non crowded area create an exceptional atmosphere. Sledge rides as well as Scandinavian Pulka rides are offered here, in some other French places and in Finland.

Day ride:
10am, arrival: 4.30pm, pack lunch included

Week-end in the wilds:
10am on Saturday, arrival: 4.30pm on Sunday, overnight stay in a non watched refuge, pack lunches-dinners-breakfasts and snacks included

Comfy week-end:
10am on Saturday, arrival: 4.30pm on Sunday, overnight comfy halt, pack lunches-dinners-breakfasts-snacks included

3 day ride:
a one day introduction to sledge riding followed by an overnight stay in a cosy "gîte",then a 2 day ride and one night in a non watched refuge:
10am (on the 1st day), arrival:4.30pm, food and beverage included

5 day ride:
from Monday to Friday: a 2 day introduction to Sledge riding with 2 overnight stays in a different refuge (one watched ,the other unwatched):
10am, arrival: Friday: 4.30pm, food and beverage included

For your school trip, "discovery days" are offered-visit of the kennel and its 100 dogs slides introducing nordic dogs will be shown then a sledge ride or a pulka: your pupils will love it!!

Sledge rides:
- day rides: 190 € / day / person ,pack lunches included
- week end:500 € /person, accomodation and lunches included
- 3 days : 650 € / person,accomodation and lunches included
- 5 days:1125 € / person,accomodation and lunches included

Scandinavian Pulka:
- day ride: 60 € / person ,pack lunches included

- Week-End : 190 €
- 5 days: 400 € , accomodation and lunches included

If you wish to arrive earlier on the night before,please add 50 € / person (one night stay + half boarding in a "gîte"


Pay a deposit of 30% when booking
The total amount is due before your arrival

For further informations, contact:

Jacques GASPARD et Marie Annick PARAZOLS
Le Souillet
+ 33 (0) 475 482 716


"All the programmes listed below are for both Sledge rides and Pulka"